Take a tour of new and exciting open source codebases.

Recently added tours

apollographql/meteor-integration by xavcz

Discover how to link Meteor & Apollo together!

Contribute at xavcz/meteor-apollo-codetour

meteor/meteor by stubailo

Learn what happens when you publish a cursor from the database in Meteor

Contribute at stubailo/meteor-ddp-codetour

quora/parsecss by zhangela

How quora/parseCSS works

Contribute at zhangela/parsecss-code-tour

apollographql/GitHunt-API by partyparrot

Learn how to make a GraphQL API with apollo-server by looking at the official example.

Contribute at partyparrot/GitHunt-API-code-tour

partyparrot/codetours-starter-kit by partyparrot

Start here when you're making a code tour!

Contribute at partyparrot/codetours-starter-kit

What's a CodeTour?

A CodeTour is a way for you to introduce new developers to a codebase by giving them a self-guided tour.

Why make a CodeTour?

You are hiring like crazy, and you don't want to spend hours sitting down with each new hire and walking through your codebase.

You are the maintainer of a large open source project, and you want to make it super easy for people to understand how it works and contribute.

You are building out a GitHub portfolio, and want to be able to highlight important parts of your projects.

You are a good person and want to share and grow the world's knowledge by teaching other people how your favorite libraries and frameworks work.

How do I make a CodeTour?

If this is your first time making a tour, take a few minutes to check out our CodeTour for CodeTour (it's meta, we know). We promise everything will make a lot more sense after taking this tour.

If you've done it before, here's the TL;DR in case you need a reminder:

  1. Fork the starter kit, or another existing tour
  2. Edit the config file, content, and code links
  3. Import your code tour here: